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Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd

The last two days have been somewhat stressful at times.  Thursday evening into Friday morning, Otto woke up, sick to his stomach.  After getting sick, we realized that he was starting to internally bleed.  Thankfully, the doctors were able to give some specific meds that helped with nausea as well as clotting.  Unfortunately, the fungal infection grows by attaching itself to blood vessels.  They tend to grow in clusters.  At times, the clusters will burst, resulting in loss of blood. 

In addition to internally bleeding, we have also realized that his leukemia cutis is back.  His spots are small, but they are there.  So now, we are dealing with a fungal infection and leukemia.  We still plan on talking to Boston Children's this coming week. 

Luckily, Otto was able to recover from it.  The doctors and nurses are amazed by how strong his body is.  Today was a better day.  He was able to get up, walk around, take a trip or two to the Healing Garden.  It was also a movie day for us as well!  Otto is right on a mission to watch all the Marvel Comic movies.  If you have any good suggestions, send them to us!

We continue to be thankful for all the love and support our community gives us as well as our family!  You all have been amazing to us!!

With love and gratitude,

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess and Lulu


  1. We love you Funders, Otto keep fighting, I love you kiddo. We are praying hard for you.
    Mrs. C

  2. We love you so much, Otto! Keep up that fight, kiddo! You are the bravest, strongest kid I know! Praying for you every moment of the day-
    Lots of love-
    Mrs. Grieder

  3. Ok so Josh says any of the Captain America movies are good and Infinity War but Ant Man is more kid friendly. (Jeez, check the ratings first!). Many prayers for a good week ahead and for your talk with the hospital in Boston.❤️
    -Lainie and Josh


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