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Sunday, July 1st

Happy 1st of July!

Wow.  We can't believe we are into July.  We are on Day 13 of this crazy adventure.  Counts are still where they need to be and now it is a waiting game to see when they start to rise.  After speaking to the oncologist this morning, it looks like numbers will not start to rise until around day 21.  So, in reality, it's just getting through the next 7 days or so. 

The staff here continues to be amazing.  Not only do they answer our questions, but they are also full of compliments on how our community, family and friends are so supportive.  Apparently, they haven't had a family like ours on this floor in some time.  One of our nurses told us that if we they could pass out awards, we would get the one for most spirit.  ;)

This morning we get to learn how to flush out Otto's Broviac.  A Broviac, for those who don't know, is a port-like device that is installed and used to send meds, transfusions, etc. directly into the bloodline.  We get to start tak…