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Saturday and Sunday, August 25th and 26th

Hoping you all are having a great weekend.  School is literally just around the corner, so we are trying to gear up the girls for Tuesday.  This also means home bound tutoring will start soon for Otto.  In either case, school will be in session and that portion of "normal" life will return. 

Otto has been feeling ok this weekend.  We are determining that any red juices (Powerade, Gatorade) are not agreeing with his stomach.  We are trying to stick more so with water.  Other things that are starting to pop up are finding other foods he might enjoy.  Unfortunately, his "staples" are tasting a little bland to him these days.  We really attribute this to the chemo. 

His eyes and itchiness are better this weekend, which makes us think that the effects of chemo are wearing off some.  We are hoping the nausea will go away, too. 

Other than that, spirits are high.  We are trying our best to do things together as a family, but at the same time keep the germs away.  Otto'…