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Thursday and Friday, August 16th and 17th

Hello all!

  Yesterday was an amazing day.  The Riverview Cinemas 8 in Southbury allowed us to come to the theater yesterday morning with a few friends to watch The Meg.  This is a movie that Otto has wanted to see since the trailer came out.  We were the only people in there.  Our neighbor, Kim, had arranged this and we were over the moon excited!  So, a special thank you to her!!

  Today, we came into Clinic and then quickly realized that we gave Otto breakfast.  That was a no-no, for he was to have a procedure done in the morning.  So, we were asked to wait until 1pm when he would be ready for sedation.  The procedure went fine and we are now inpatient waiting to start chemo tomorrow morning. 

  Tomorrow will be Day 1 of Round 3.  We are moving into the first of the last three rounds that will gradually get more intense as he moves through them.  Although the next three are going to be a test to Otto's body, the good thing is, if it works (which we are very optimistic), then he…