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Monday, June 25th

What a fun and interesting day yesterday!

We had a few familiar faces in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  It was great to see everyone and catch up given the circumstances.  A huge thank you to all of those who think of our girls.  I love seeing smiles on those two faces!!

In trying to keep it fun while we stay here, we are working on once a week theme days.  Last week was Mexican Fiesta Friday.  One of our nurses decided it would be fun to create a "paper doll" version of Otto.  She came in with a drawing of Otto and different changeable outfits to go along with any theme.  Otto loves all the nurses, but she's making her way to the top of his list!  lol!

Reflecting on yesterday, there's really no new updates.  His day was pretty similar to the last few.  No fever, eating well, laughing and joking around...  They are all good things!  However, last night, we got to go through a common side effect of chemo and low platelets...the nose bleed.  The other da…