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Saturday, June 23rd

There were so many great moments yesterday.  Where to begin?

Otto went for a walk a few times down to what is known as the "Healing Garden".  A few days before, we had to literally help him out of bed.  It would take us a good 10 minutes to get down there.  As soon as we would get to the entrance to the garden, he would want to turn back because he felt so tired and weak.  Yesterday, he willingly got up (in fact - reminded us that we needed to get our exercise in!).  We took only a few minutes before reaching the entrance, and in addition was able to get outside and enjoy that beautiful sunshine!

Another highlight from yesterday is that he went the entire day without having a fever.  This was HUGE!  All the doctors were pretty happy about this, and are recommending that he be off one of the two antibiotics.   Counts, again during the day, looked really good.  We know it's one day at a time, but for now, we are so happy that Otto is responding positively.

Lastly, we had s…