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Showing posts from August 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11th

Today was a Good News day!  Otto's ANC is finally moving.  His number was up to 100 today.  So, this a great sign that things are on their way up.  Hopefully tomorrow or Monday will be our discharge day.  Unfortunately, these numbers can move up and down at times or even stay still for a period.  We are praying they continue to move up!

He's also getting some red blood cells today due to his hemoglobin being below the threshold.  Our guy has been a little tired the last two days, and this will perk him right up!

There's not too much going on today.  We are just going to be passing our time with card games, conversation, and such. 

Thank you so much for the support and prayers.  We are ever so grateful!

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess and Lulu

Friday, August 10th

Sorry for the late post.  Today went well.  Otto continues to have no fever and nothing has grown on his blood cultures.  He is officially thought not to have a bacterial infection.  In other words, it could have been viral or my thermometer could have been totally off.  His ANC continues to be at zero and we are waiting for that number to go beyond 200 in order to be discharged.  We still are in the books for a bone marrow biopsy in one week with a soon to be follow up of Round 3. 

The day overall was a funny one.  We walked around the 7th floor for while.  Otto and his friend decided to take a detour into the playroom so that they could do an art project with Brian from Hole in the Wall.  Our wonderful friend from Child Life, Teresa, made sheriffs badges and a wanted poster for Otto's Western Day.  It was our theme, however, due to the small size of the room we are in, we decided to postpone this one with friends until next Friday when we are home. 

What does one do when they ar…