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Friday, July 27th

Today was surely a fun filled day. In regards to his health, Otto’s numbers continue to trend the way they need to. If he continues to do well, we should be leaving the hospital tomorrow morning.

Tonight we were greeted by more close friends who made it for Star Wars Night Part Deux. We didn’t have our entire crew, but the ones who were missing were off doing incredible things. ;)
Our family was greeted by two Storm Troopers and a Lieutenant Commander for the Empire. One of Mark’s coworkers is part of a crew of people who give their time to make appearances. They were so very kind and made it down to Yale to put many smiles on many faces. They all stayed in costume for some time. We even walked through the hallways (with Darth vadar’s theme song playing - of course) and made it down to the Healing Garden. It was quite the trip back and forth.  We are extremely lucky to have people in our lives who help brighten our days!!  Being in the hospital, although it has been a good stay, can b…