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Saturday, July 28th

We are home and Otto has complete Round 2 of chemo!  He is feeling good and looking great!  We are so happy to be back home.  We have a few days to rest and relax before heading back to Clinic to get numbers checked.  These visits to Clinic will be occurring twice a week while we wait for numbers to deplete and raise again.

We continue to be incredibly thankful for all the doctors, nurses, and primary care people at Yale.  All of them have helped us to be more comfortable during our stay.  We are ever so lucky to have those people in our lives!

Speaking of being thankful...  Our baseball family and extended Newtown family are putting on an event in honor of Otto.  If you haven't seen the flyer, please check it out below.  We are hoping for a great turn out for these individuals have put their heart and soul into making it a great time for all!

Lastly, we wanted you to know that we set up a Go Fund Me page.  Many people continue to ask how they can help.  If you'd like to take …