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Sunday, July 8th

Good morning to you all!

Just wanted to give you all an update on Otto's progress.  We met with the team this morning and all counts were reported as the same.  We were told by another staff member a few days ago that his counts could start increasing on Day 21.  It looks as if it won't happen that soon.  The attending oncologist explained that in her experience, she's seen kids numbers start to increase around Day 25 - 30.  So, I am thinking that we will be here at least another week, if not a little longer.  It's all dependent upon when and how his counts rise. 

In regards to anyone who is sending mail to Otto in the hospital, we are going to ask that you send it now to the house.  For those unsure of our address, it is 167 Bridle Path Rd, Southbury, CT 06488.  One of us is home each night with the girls.  It's quite easy to deliver any mail that comes in.  We figured this would be better, since we don't have a definite day of departure.  Also, things like to…