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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, August 6th, 7th and 8th

Good morning!

  We've had a good last three days.  Everyone in the family has been really busy, whether it has been talking to friends, going to the lake, or going on a playdate.  As for now, life is good!

  Otto had his Clinic visit yesterday.  His numbers came back and he's in a good range for now.  His ANC is zero, but the other numbers are right where they need to be.  Friday is our next visit.  This one may be a longer one if numbers are too low and transfusions are needed.  Towards the end of next week, Otto will be going in for another bone marrow biopsy.  We are praying the results will be exactly the same as before - zero cancer cells.  Once there for that procedure, he will also get a form of chemo directly into his spinal fluid.  This has always been the case before starting another round of chemo.  As far as Round 3 goes, that will begin once his numbers are above a certain number.  This does not mean that he will start at the end of this coming week.  It is all de…