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Friday, September 7th

Good afternoon!

Today is procedure day.  Otto is currently in the OR with doctors as they are determining what is actually within his lungs.  We just got a call from the nurse stating that he went to sleep nicely and that they are all taking very good care of him.

Over the night and through this morning, Otto continued to have a low grade fever.   We are really hoping that this procedure leads us to the source in which is causing his body to react this way.

On a happier note, Otto's blood counts came back showing that he is holding on to his platelets and in addition, has an ANC of 300.  This is crazy!  It's only Day 21 and he has never shown a bounce back this early before.  After speaking to the docs, they think the reasoning behind this is that his body is trying to produce the ANC needed to fight the fever.  It is likely that when they check tomorrow, there may be a dip.  However, this is the glimmer of hope that we have been waiting for to keep our thoughts happy and posi…