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Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 13th, 14th, and 15th

Hi all.

  So just a quick update.  We took Otto to the Clinic on Friday.  His numbers look great.  In addition, we brought up an issue we have noticed.  There seems to be some bumps that have been popping up on Otto's arms.  The dermatology team took a look and decided to biopsy them.  Those results will hopefully be back to us by Tuesday. 

  Tuesday will be a long day at Yale.  He will be going in for a follow up CT scan as well as a routine echocardiogram.  We need to determine that his lung infection is clearing up.  After all the results are in, we will discuss our next steps for this upcoming round of chemo. 

  Please keep us all in your prayers.  Your support means the world!

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess, and Lulu