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Thursday, July 12th

Such an amazing, beautiful morning!

We just touched base with the doctors an hour ago, and Otto's ANC count is now up to 300.  We were gently reminded that it could hover or dip over the next few days, so not to think we would be necessarily be heading home tomorrow or Saturday.  But, it is an increase and we are totally taking this!  We were also told his platelet count was above 70.  This is major, since his level was hovering between 10 - 20 for the longest time.  So, in other words, things are starting to naturally rebuild all over.  We are just so blessed and happy that things are starting to point in the right direction.

We are hoping to get more of an idea of what living at home for the 2 weeks will look like.  We have a ton of questions about the rules for visitors, activities allowed, etc.  Even how many times a week we need to return to the Yale Clinic before coming back for Round 2.  We believe his counts will continue to be looked at while we are home.

On a side note, …