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Tuesday, July 17th

Hi everyone,

  Our family time at home, since we were released on Friday, has been amazing.  Being surrounded by healthy friends and family have helped in continuing to keep Otto's spirits up.  In fact, Friday theme days have been so uplifting, he has requested that when we are home that we continue with them.  Our hearts are so happy that he has continued to stay positive when others could so easily go in the opposite direction given his situation.  Our family, again, is incredibly thankful for those who have dedicated their creativity, money and time to making those Fridays so special.

  We are sorry we haven't blogged since Friday.  We were lost in our happiness of having Otto home.  He went the entire weekend without having a fever and was able to get outside and enjoy some nice neighborhood walks with friends.  Grandy and Papa are with us for the next two weeks.  We are so happy to have them with us.

  Today, we are back at Yale in the Clinic section of Hem/Onc.  It's…