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Friday, August 3rd

Good morning from sunny (and humid -😖) New Haven!

  We are hanging out at the Clinic at Yale today with our team of Hem/Onc nurses.  Otto's numbers continue to trend down and he is in need of platelets.  We couldn't believe that his platelets dropped as much as they did.  It totally explained the amount of petechia we saw over the last two days.  For now, we are sitting here for the next two hours as Otto gets his transfusion. 

  Otto's ANC is currently at zero, which means we are now waiting for it to rise.  We believe that when it reaches 500 again, we will be sent back to inpatient for Round 3.  We are saying our prayers that this transition happens sooner than later, however, we also know that when his body is ready, it will be ready no matter how many days go by. 

  We would like to send out a HUGE thank you to all those who have donated to the Go Fund Me page in Otto's honor.  It means the world to us.  We would also like to send a thank you to all of those who …