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Showing posts from July 10, 2018

Tuesday, July 10th

Otto had a fun filled day.  He was able to get out and enjoy some art therapy.  He also had a nice visit from friends.  We were all able to catch the World Cup Semi-final game and France won!

We are on Day 23 today.  We are very excited to tell you that Otto finally has an ANC count of 100.  ANC counts go up by 100 when rising.  So basically, he's up one level from being at zero.  We are happy about this, however, his counts could remain the same or could dip up and down for a period of time.  Can't wait to watch those levels rise!

This afternoon, we received a wonderful package filled with all sorts of goodies from the Mill Foundation.  I'm not sure if someone contacted them on our behalf, but whoever did so, we want to say thank you.  It was an unexpected surprise!

Right now, we are awaiting a visit from a special guest.  We will wait to reveal who it is, dependent upon his visit.  If he is able to make it, it will be a great time for sure!

As always, thank you for all t…