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Sunday, August 5th

Today has been a nice day for all family members.  Lulu was able to get out on a playdate for the day, while Tess was able to go to the lake with good friends.  Otto was able to get outside and hit some golfballs and was loving the fresh air.  He even lost a baby tooth that has still been around.  Thankful for platelets, for there was no major blood issues with that one.  :)

We continue to be so grateful for all the generous donations that have been coming our way.  We are so incredibly thankful for family, dear friends and an amazing community that stretches even beyond Southbury.  So many people care, and all that love and support are constantly being felt by this family!

We are still thinking we will be back at Clinic on Tuesday for a check on counts and a possible hemoglobin transfusion.  Otto seems to be in good shape, but any signs of fatigue or headache would suggest a boost in that area.

We have been really enjoying our time at home.  It's great to be sleeping in our own b…