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Saturday - Tuesday, October 27th - 30th

Good morning!

  What a crazy last few days we have had!  Otto watched his favorite baseball team win the World Series.  The family was questioning if they should lose Game 5, so we could come back to Fenway for Game 6 to win it.  Otto, on the other hand, just wanted to see them win.  One of Otto's biggest surprises came when he started getting messages from some of the staff of the Red Sox team.  Texts encouraging him to continue his fight were greatly appreciated by all, especially Otto.  He even was able to talk to a relief pitcher who played for the Sox a few years ago.  What an amazing experience for him!  A big thank you to the Dadonna and Fellin families for coordinating this.  What a gift!

  Speaking of gifts, we were very fortunate to have been able to hold a small gathering at the hospital the other day.  Otto really wanted to see the boys from his baseball travel team.  Many of these kids have been playing ball with Otto over the past 4 years.  Mark was able to reach out…