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Wednesday, June 27th

(Tried getting Otto to look, but he wasn't feeling it!  lol!)
Today is the last full day of chemo treatments for this first round!  We are happy and pleased with everything that has happened so far.  However, with that being said, we are going to ask that you keep the prayers coming.  We just talked to the docs and we were told that these next two weeks are where things can turn in regards to symptoms that can come about.  Please continue to pray for little side effects, a strong appetite, and uplifted spirits.  We are firm believers that if the "village" sends prayers and positive vibes, Otto will be taken care of.

A big thank you to friends who welcomed the girls to join them in their afternoon of fun activities.  They had a wonderful time!!

We had some nice visits yesterday towards the later of the afternoon/eve.  It's always fun to chat and laugh!  Otto continues to get cards in the mail along with packages here and there.  They all make him smile.  We received …