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Wednesday and Thursday, September 19th and 20th

Hi everyone.

  Yesterday went well, all considering.  Otto was able to get out in the morning for one last round of golf before heading in for his usual bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture.  He had a great time with everyone.

  His procedures that afternoon went well.  There were no major hiccups and we are now awaiting the results which should come to us Friday afternoon.  If the bone marrow is disease free, then we are here for the chemo days.  If there is disease present in the marrow, then we will be in the hospital until his counts recover (anywhere between 25 to 30 plus days).  We are praying hard for no disease, but since the leukemia cutis is present, you never know.

  Today starts Round 4 of chemo commencing this afternoon.  We are lucky in the sense that one treatment will happen during the daytime and the remaining treatments will occur when he is sleeping.  We think this is better from a mental standpoint.  We also met with the Bone Marrow team.  We talked about the pro…