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Friday, Saturday, Sunday November 30 to December 2

Hello All,

We've had a busy weekend that started off with an Ugly Sweater Funder Friday with our friends the Mahoneys! What a great way to start the weekend with good friends decorating, playing fun games and just being together. Saturday and Sunday were busy days too, with visits from Granddad, Aunt Laura, Nagys and Lowells . It was so nice to be with everyone and talk, eat, joke and just be together.

Our nights were a little less fun with Otto's coughing acting up some and a little nausea to top it off. This kept us pretty sleepy throughout the weekend and we are in the peak effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy, so that is contributing to his exhaustion. His Leukemia Cutis is aggressive and he's been having some fevers which could be caused by the leukemia and/or the treatment. We're hoping there is some relief for him in the coming days.

He also lost one of his baby teeth Saturday night from his only chewing side of his mouth, due to the leukemia cutis on tha…