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Thursday, November 1st

Good evening!

  What a wonderful day to wake up and reminisce about yesterday's Wish day.  A special thank you again to Patti, Dawn and Cheryl for making our boy's dream a reality.

  Today has been a good day thus far.  Otto has been up all day, watching videos and movies as well as taking walks to the Healing Garden.  Otto was even able to sit down with the Digital Art Therapist who helped him construct a video comprised of many of the pictures we took at the parade.  He had a wonderful time doing this and was proud of his accomplishment.

  We are waiting to talk to Boston Children's in order to set up a time next week.  We are going to be meeting with a team of individuals who reviewed Otto's case and past history.  We are praying that God will lead them to a better approach to helping Otto through this difficult journey. 

  We were also notified today that Fox 61 will potentially being doing an exclusive on Otto in regards to his recent Make A Wish.  I will keep you…