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Showing posts from November 23, 2018

Wednesday - Friday, November 21st - 23rd

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  We are hoping that you all were able to get some good, quality time with those whom you love. That, and have a delicious meal!  ;)  Otto was so happy to be out of the hospital, with most of our Connecticut family. We all gathered at Grandads house and had a delightful dinner along with some amazing desserts!  Our time together was lovely.

Today, we are switching gears. We are back at Yale and are all set in an inpatient room. We cannot get over all the love and support from our team of nurses and friends from a child Life  who decorated his room. It is so special!

Right now, we have a few things going on. Two were expected - radiation and chemo. However, while checking in, we we’re explaining to the docs that Otto has had a nasty cough over the last few days. X rays confirmed they believe it’s bronchitis. Poor kiddo even started with a fever once we checked in. Blood cultures were drawn just to confirm that it’s not bacterial, but that’s routine. So now …