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Saturday, June 30th

Hello All,

What a fun day yesterday!  We started off by being greeted at rounds by our super heroes, the nurses, doctors and interns of Yale Hem/Oc!  We went over counts and things continue to look good.  He did have some blood platelets transfused Friday.  He continues to have some minor issues with his eyes being sensitive, but a little saline and other drops help.

We had a wonderful visit from one of the kiddos from baseball.  We were given an amazing poster designed by a great friend that was covered with messages from the PYB team.  Three walls are covered now (and I think we may be in the lead)!

Later in the afternoon, Hero Up day came and it was a hit! We went to the Hole in the Wall Gang gathering in the activity room where we drew Super Heroes (they had no clue that was our theme night btw), that we later used to decorate with.  Afterwards, we were joined by friends and had some dinner.  We then played games.  We even got the nurses to play along!  Otto had a great time and e…