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Monday, August 27th

Early this morning we were awoken by Otto.  O-man had another nose bleed.  We waited about 20 minutes to see if it could resolve itself with some techniques from the ENT the other day, but no luck.  At 3:30am, Mark and Otto were off to Yale.

Otto ended up needing some more platelets along with a consultation with the ENT.  After some discussion of options that were out there, Otto ended up getting the specific area giving him trouble cauterized.  We truly do not know where he gets his strength, but he bravely conquered this obstacle in his way.  As of now, Otto is hanging out at Yale waiting to be discharged once Mark talks to the attending oncologist.

This 3rd round is certainly throwing us for a loop in regards to his recovery process at home.  We were once again reminded of the importance of being as secure from others in large crowds as possible (especially now that school is starting).  We are not allowed to have visitors who are sick and unwell.  This means any sign or symptom o…