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Wednesday, October 10th

The rollercoaster continued today. Although Otto’s spirits were a little more upward, we started a new eating plan today (or should we say a no eating plan). Yesterday, late in the afternoon, it was discovered that Otto has an infection starting to form in his intestines.  In order for it to heal, he cannot take any food or liquid by mouth for the next few days. Everything, including a 24 hour nutrition drip, needs to go through his line. One would think that something like this would put you over the edge. Otto’s response?  “Well, if this is what it takes to get rid of this, then this is what I have to do.”  We are in constant awe of his strength and courage.

Now, we have currently talked to the team in regards to the fungus that has developed on his liver, and the best chances of erraticating it is through surgery. So, once his counts and high enough and considered safe, the pediatric surgical team will remove it. More discussions will take place in the next day or so to determine …