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Friday, July 6th

Aloha!  It's Luau Day!!

Our room, as well as ourselves, are dressed in our favorite Hawaiian gear today.  The nurses and docs are joining in, too!  We have quite a few special guests arriving today for some visits.  Otto is excited, but even more so for a few friends coming up from Boston.  It is going to be a great time!

We have been up early today.  Otto is starting to lose some of his hair.  Poor kiddo got some short pieces of hair right in his eye.  Needless to say, we called the nurse for some saline to flush it right out.  It seems to be more bearable now, so hopefully the eyes improve over the course of the day.

We are still waiting to hear about his regular blood work check.  I am assuming that his numbers will be the same.  We are on Day 19, so fingers crossed for some counts to build in the next few days.

Update:  Yesterday, we got some packages in the mail.  A big thank you to my other cousin in NJ who sent along some amazing graphic novels.  Otto is really looking forw…