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Monday & Tuesday - November 26/27th

Hello all -

Today is Otto's 5th round of Chemo and 3rd round of radiation. After this we have 7 more days of radiation.

Last two nights were tough ones because of Otto's bronchitis recovery. His coughing fits can be intense and painful. While we saw some improvement Sunday night in his phlegm, he has been coughing up blood the last two nights along with nose bleeds triggered by intensity and duration of his coughing. Needless to say, we haven't gotten much sleep. The resident on last evening worked out a good plan to stem the bleeding and reduce the coughing with platelets, plasma, morphine, octreotide, and humidified air as well as sleeping position.

The cutis inside his mouth also started acting up Monday evening and bleeding. Somewhat of a unique and complicated bleed location to manage. Our wonderful nurse Lise-Ann came up with a solution of "Magic Mouthwash" and gauze wrapped around his head holding the gauze in place in his mouth so it wouldn't slip. Ho…