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Monday, August 20th

Happy Monday!
The nighttime treatment went as planned and there were no issues to note.  Otto must have been dreaming about something entertaining, for he was laughing in his sleep.  One thing is for sure, chemo may take the energy away at times, but it can't Otto's entire being!
We met with the team this morning at rounds.  Tests results came back for the spinal fluid and it continues to be clear of leukemic cells.  We are still waiting on word in regards to his bone marrow biopsy.  His blood counts continue to be high, however, we all know due to the chemo that they will be trending down soon.
Otto had mentioned that he was feeling a little warm yesterday.  Nurses continue to monitor his temp for a fever, since this is a common side effect of one of the chemo meds he is receiving.  
Today he will start Day 3 of chemo.  We are half way through this process, and Otto is kicking butt!  We continue to pray that these little hiccups during the journey stay little.  
Hoping you al…

Sunday, August 19th

Today was the beginning of Day 2 of chemo.  After this, he has three more to go.  The day before, he tolerated everything really well.  He had no issues and was just as perky as he has been.  Today, however, has been a little different.  The higher levels of the meds are definitely getting to him more (as expected) and he's dealing mostly with nausea.  Thankfully, there are a variety of anti-nausea meds that were given, in addition to those for preventive purposes, that were extremely helpful.  Otto went from not wanting to see a piece of food to devouring an entire bagel.  It's not the norm for him, but we will take it!

One thing that we are incredibly thankful for is that part of his treatment starts at midnight.  This means that they can hook up and deliver the chemo through his broviac while he is sleeping.  Other than having to be woken for the administering of eyedrops, Otto sleeps through the night.  In our minds, especially his, when the day treatment is over, we can c…