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Showing posts from October 6, 2018

Friday and Saturday, October 7th and 8th

We are still here hanging at Yale.  Otto has had a rough last 2 days.  There have been a few different issues popping up.  One of the things that we are noticing is that he has high blood pressure.  Due to this, there have been a few ultrasounds completed.  The results have come back indicating that his liver, abdomen and kidneys are functioning just fine.  We think we have a better idea of what it could be.  Meds have been given and we are waiting to see how he reacts to them.  Currently, his blood pressure is making its way back to normal (which is a great thing).  He continues to have fevers, but the Tylenol helps to fight them.

Yesterday, there were a few great things that happened.  We received a gift of holy water from my aunt's dear friend.  She went to Ireland and sent it to us.  It was a very sweet and thoughtful gift and is much appreciated.  Secondly, we were visited by a gentlemen whose son created a charity prior to passing from cancer.  It was his Make a Wish to crea…