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Friday, July 13th

What a wonderful day it is. Otto's ANC was at 1000 this morning.  Do you know what that means?  We were released from the hospital today and were able to go home! We are so excited and happy!  We left the hospital late this morning for a glorious ride home up the same route we've been up and down daily for the past 28 days, but with Otto this time.

Oh, don't think for one minute that we canceled our Casino Day! Doctors and Nurses all prepared and dressed for the occasion. After farewell hugs and tears, we were on to home where we still celebrated Casino Day together. Thanks Mahoney's, Springers, Farras, and Macioleks.

It is great to be home as a complete family with friends nearby. Otto is super happy to be home with Willow and Ella. Our neighborhood even added balloons to each of their mailboxes with the message "Welcome Home" on each as we drove up the street It was an incredible way to welcome Otto home. There were definitely water works.

Thank you all for…