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Friday, July 20th

It’s been a long day today, but we are making it through it just fine. Otto had to be to Clinic today for 9:15am. This was followed by an Echocardiogram as well as an EKG baseline.  Counts were looked at and they are continuing to rise. Once we were given the ok that all tests today were normal baselines, we were told that we would be moving back to the same room in the Hem/Onc ward.

As we were approaching the entrance, the doors opened and we were greeted by one of our favorite girls, Ellie!  We all screamed out with cheers, for she had asked to be assigned to Otto’s room for the day. We were also able to meet up with our favorite Child Life specialist, Teresa, who surprised us with a Star Wats homemade poster!  She found out that today was Star Wars Friday for the Funders!!!!  Apparently another child in our wing asked for a Fiesta Friday. Teresa combined efforts and created Star Wars badges for all staff. Each character was topped off with a sombrero. This, of course, lead all of u…