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Showing posts from September 12, 2018

Wednesday, September 12th

Today has been a great day.  Although it was raining outside, Otto was able to get out and enjoy the day. 

We decided that due to his birthday being spent at Yale, that we would go on a little birthday shopping trip today.  Otto has been wanting to get some new golf attire.  We were able to find him some golf shoes, shorts and shirts.  He will definitely be ready for the course!

We also had a wonderful phone call from our new friend from Make a Wish!  She, along with another friend from Yale, will be working together to help grant a wish for Otto.  Otto has a few ideas already, so we will need to wait and see if it's doable. 

Thank you SO much to all of you out there who continue to pray for our guy.  Our family, friends and community are an amazing group of people.  Each day, Mark and I say how much our family is blessed!  Blessed to have been raised by our wonderful parents and extended family.  Blessed to have friends who are always there when we need a hug, laugh or just for s…