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Sunday, August 12th

We were thrilled this morning to learn that Otto was going to be discharged. Otto could not be happier walking out of the lobby and into the car to go home.  His counts were up and his ANC was 300.  With no fevers since being placed on antibiotics along with no growth on blood cultures, we were free to go. 

After getting home, we were able to get outside and cross some things off the to do list.  Otto went right for the golf clubs and ran out into the yard.  Afterwards, we were able to head over to see friends and gather for a great feast!  Sunday dinner with people you care about... just can't top that feeling. 

So now we are home getting ready for our check up on Tuesday and bone marrow/lumbar puncture procedure on Friday.  If counts look good and results are still positive, we could be heading back into the hospital as early as next week for Round 3.

Round 3 is a 5 day chemo period.  The cycle (chemo days included) continues to be approximately 30 days long.  Round 3's chem…