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Tuesday, July 24th

A happy good morning to all of you!

Otto had a fun filled afternoon/evening filled with friends, laugh and a movie. We even had a surprise sleepover guest!  It was Tess!!!  Tess was needing some Mommy/Otto time and it couldn’t have worked out better. :)

Otto slept through the night without any issues and woke up ready to eat!  We just finished with rounds and his counts continue to trend the way they want them to. The only minor issue that popped up today was that he had a low red blood cell level. If he gets any symptoms related to this, they will give him a transfusion during the day. Other than that, he’s doing great and as expected!  We are on Day 5 starting this afternoon. Day 5 is the last day of major chemo treatments (3 different kinds) followed by Days 6-8 where he only receives one type of chemo medication in the afternoon and early morning each day.

Hoping for a day filled with fun and laughter!  Let these next four days fly by!

Lots of love!

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess and Lu…