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Showing posts from November 24, 2018

Saturday, November 24th

Good morning everyone!

The first day of chemo and radiation are over.  They both went somewhat smoothly.  The plan is to continue chemo today, where as radiation will begin again on Monday.  Chemo is a course of 5 days, and radiation is 10.

Otto has been fighting a cough over the last few days.  Yesterday we were told it was bronchitis, however, now there is a question about if it could be pneumonia as well.  Either way, they are causing him to have a build up of phlegm resulting in coughing attacks.  The constant coughing is also leading to some more pain in his back and rib cage.  This caused us to have a really rough night last night.  So, now we are adding in some more meds in order to control all of it.

Thanks again for all the love and support!

Please continue to say prayers for our boy who is fighting so hard!

Mark, Leigh, Otto, Tess and Lulu