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Showing posts from November 10, 2018

Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th

A good morning to you all!

Otto's last two days have been great ones.  He's been enjoying seeing visitors and hanging out.  He's also still insisting on watching Marvel movies!  A big thank you to the Murphy family for supplying us with some of those.  It makes the rainy days go by faster, for sure!

We had a brief discussion with Boston Children's the other day.  After speaking to an oncologist there, along with our primary oncologist at Yale, we have decided to put some things into play.  The first part of our plan involves time at home.  Otto is now stable - no signs of internal bleeding, no fever, no upset stomach.  It looks like the food we have been slowly incorporating back into his diet, along with certain meds, are helping him to become stronger on a daily basis.  The plan is to come home possibly on Tuesday and be at home through Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving is over, we are scheduled to come back to Yale for the next part of the plan.

One thing we have me…