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Update on Google Sheets form

Some people have contacted me because they are having trouble opening the doc.  If this is the case and you want access, you can either reply with your email so it can be shared with you.  Otherwise, you can email Kim ( or Gina ( with your address for access.

Thanks for everything.  All the words, prayers, and gifts are amazingly helpful!

- Mark and Leigh

One Day at a Time

Hey all,

  So as many of you know or are coming to find out, Otto has been diagnosed with AML.  This is a type of leukemia.  He is being treated at Yale Children's Center and will be here for the next 4-6 weeks.  Chemo started last night and we saw minimal side effects.

  Our boy is a fighter!  He's going to make it out of this place stronger than ever!!

  Many people have reached out and to that we are grateful.  We can completely feel the love and support from so many of our community members, who are really like family.  For all of you who have said prayers, put Otto's name on a prayer list, etc. - we thank you.  We deeply believe in the power of prayer and the wonderful things that can happen due to that.

  As for now, it is a waiting game.  Waiting for the 10 days of treatment to be done and completed.  Waiting for blood counts to continuously come back with what we hope to see are positive changes.  Waiting to see what the next steps are.  But together, our family wi…