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Monday, October 15th

This morning has started off well.  Today we have an ANC of 100.  We are more than thrilled to have received such good news.  The shots are starting to work and we are praying we will see counts continue to rise. 

Otto was taken early this morning to get an ultrasound of his liver.  The radiologist was looking to see whether or not the fungal mass growing on the liver was messing with the large vein that feeds it.  It was determined that there were no clots present, and that the vein looked a little inflamed. 

Otto was given the go ahead to start clear liquids this weekend.  Today we have graduated to all liquids.  He is still restricted to only a liter of fluid, since the majority of his nutrition is fluid form through his broviac.  He seemed quite happy with this news.

We spoke with the team, and there is still a question about if his lung is partially collapsed due to fluid pressing on it, or if there is an actual infection in there.  Since his counts are starting to rise, they wil…