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Saturday and Sunday, July 21st and 22nd

Days 2 and 3 of chemo are almost done with it for today. Otto has been tolerating this round much better than the round before. His counts don’t need to be checked as feequently as they once did, so we will be looking forward to updates tomorrow morning.

We continue to receive fantastic care here at Yale. The doctors and nurses are great when it comes to answering our questions or looking into our requests. We are so lucky to have such an amazing team of individuals by our side.

This round of chemo will be a little different from the last time. If he has no fever and everything is ok, Otto will be released to go home in order to recoup and await numbers to start rising again. We also will be traveling back and forth to and from Yale to check on counts and possibly receive transfusions based on lower numbers. When Otto is home his immune system will be completely shut down. Therefore, we will be limited to being able to go anywhere due to germs. This is also true when it comes to enter…