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Sunday and Monday, November 11th and 12th

Good afternoon!

  Otto has continued to be well over the last few days.  We have been given the clearance to leave the hospital on Tuesday.  We are hoping for a morning discharge, so we can get home and meet with the home heath crew.  The home health crew will then guide us in our administration of certain IV meds that will be continued to be given at home. 

  We are really looking forward to being at home and hanging out as a family.  We have discussed staying out of the hospital until after Thanksgiving.  It is then we will be readmitted for another round of chemo.  As stated before, this is a low dose chemo and we hope for the cutis to be contained or reduced.

  Hoping you all are doing well.  Thank you to all who have sent gift cards for gas and food.  They are very useful in our travels back and forth.  Thank you as well to all who have helped with rides, visits, etc.  We couldn't do half of the things we are able to without the support of family, friends and the community.