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Thursday, August 9th

Yesterday afternoon was an interesting one.  I was taking Otto's temperature, and low and behold... a small fever.  So after a discussion with the doc, we headed to Yale.  Otto was admitted and is now on antibiotics.  He has been fever free since being there, so that is a great sign.  We are also waiting on blood cultures and hoping there will be no growth in 48 hours (which would bring us to Friday afternoon).  With his ANC being at zero along with his admittance to the hospital, he will not be allowed to go home until his ANC levels are above 200.  So, needless to say, we will be there for a few days. 

As we have asked before in the past, please continue to say your prayers.  Even though things are running smoothly and it is a little bump in the road, it's still an emotional dip.  We all are trying to view our journey as a marathon, the greatest run of our lives.  Otto's just at a rest stop right now.  He's getting his carbs and liquid hydration in order to continue …