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Showing posts from August 23, 2018

Thursday, August 23rd

It was an early morning release today, and Otto came home!  What a great feeling to be back all under one roof yet again.

Although we are all home, Otto is continuing to feel side effects of the chemo from this round. One thing that popped up again is light sensitivity with his eyes. He has to take steroid eye drops to prevent chemical conjunctivitis. Unfortunately it causes his eyes to feel extremely dry. So we are trying to counteract with saline. He also continues to feel itchy from one of the meds, so we are trying to battle that with Benadryl. This ends up making him tired, so he’s taking cat naps like crazy.

We just keep praying that now with Round 3 over, that the side effects diminish. It’s rough seeing one of your own not quite the way they usually are. But, we keep reminding ourselves that this is a small hill to get over. It’s small potatoes in the grand scheme of life.

As always, thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts. We continue to need them.

With much gratitude,