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Saturday and Sunday, October 13th and 14th

Today and yesterday were good days for Otto.  He was up and about, taking walks and chit chatting it up.  His ANC continues to be zero.  We are praying that this new med will kick his bone marrow into drive so we can see that number start to rise.  In addition, due to low numbers for platelets and red blood cells, he needed more transfusions this weekend.    
The barn raising was an amazing experience yesterday for our family.  Mark took Tess along with a few other friends to the event.  George, head of the Northford Timber Framers organization, led the charge as people from all walks of life came together to help build the barn.  Before the raising began, Mark was asked to speak to the group and share our story.  It was an emotional time, but with the support of those surrounding him, he was able to share what has been happening to Otto.  George, on behalf of the organization, gave our family a check to put towards our expenses.  He, too, is a past transplant recipient, and knows th…