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Thursday, October 11th

Otto’s day has been going as well as expected. He continues to have fevers that are continued to be soothed by Tylenol. He’s sleeping a bit more comfortably, which makes us happy. He continues to also have a bit of abdominal pain. 
Today we discussed that the abdominal pain might be related to the fungal infection forming there. We also noticed he’s been coughing more. An X-ray was taken and it is either a little case of pneumonia or the fungus spreading to the lung.  Either way he is already receiving the proper meds that he would need in either case. 
We are going to be heading down to get an ultrasound of his liver to make sure there is still no internal bleeding. 
His ANC today is 300, however, we are waiting for this afternoon to get confirmation that this is truly the case. I say this because it went from 0 to 300 over the course of a day when we typically only see a jump of 100. 
We are praying for counts to continue to rise so that we can get him into surgery and remove the unwant…