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Thursday, June 21st

Last night was hands down the best night I think he has had in a while.  Although we have been warned that he will have a series of good mixed with not so good days, we will take it!

Yesterday's big goal was to get his energy up.  In order to get that accomplished, he was given a few bags of red blood cells.  What a difference that made!  Otto slept less and was definitely more perky.  He even played video games on the XBox 1!  And if anyone knows our kid - that's a really good sign that he is feeling better.  Lol!  Otto also received some more platelet and plasma transfusions.  This will help ensure that his blood is able to clot better.

We also received a beautiful gift crate from the neighborhood with all sorts of goodies and cards.  But the best gift of all was the poster that they made.  It's covered in a large heart surrounded by all these little messages of inspiration and hope.  Speaking of which, he just obtained a beautiful blanket with a similar vibe.  It's …