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Monday thru Thursday December 3rd - 6th

Hello Everyone,

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It has been a long difficult week. Otto's nights are still restless with bathroom trips, occasional coughing, nose bleeds, and nausea. We've peeled back some meds to help relieve some of these side effects making him more comfortable and we've increased his pain medication to alleviate his pain.
His baby tooth bleeding has finally gotten under control after several days trying various techniques from some starch/potato powder, gauze with pressure, amicar(spelling), "magic mouthwash", gel gauze, to some surgical glue - sorry,  that was not too specific with the medical names, but rest assured it was a lot of attempts and failures, but finally not bleeding! Throughout it all we were down as low as a count of 2 for red blood cells and 8 for platelets. Otto received several bags for support. 
Monday thru Tuesday: Otto …