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Saturday, October 20th

Good evening!

  What a day it has been.  The girls were at a swim meet in the morning with mom (in which Tess did a great job giving it her all and shaving a few seconds off her personal bests), while Otto and Dad were at Yale.  Although Otto had a bit of a rough night, he made up for it today.

  Otto's ANC was at 1500 this morning.  We were all happy about this!  His platelets and red blood cells were pretty low again and a transfusion was needed for both.  His blood pressure continues to be monitored as well as the fluid build up pressing against his lung. 

  With a little cat nap this morning, Otto woke up with energy a blazing!  He was up and out of bed, taking walks, playing golf on his newly constructed putting course (thank you Ian!), living life with his pals.  It was like Otto from weeks ago was back.  We were all smiles listening to him joke around and laugh.  Even watching him pick up his phone and play video games was a treat.

  Later this afternoon, numbers were looke…