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Saturday, August 18th

Today, Otto starts Round 3 of chemo.  This round will be more on the intense side, so we are praying he can make it through with no major issues. 

The team has already met with us.  Due to the amount of chemo he is getting, his anti-nausea meds are being increased.  They are hopeful that because he has never needed any when recovering his counts, that his body will respond well to them.  Again, we are praying this is the case.

Chemo will take place twice a day.  He will get two meds over four hours in the morning followed by one med over three hours at night.  This will occur over the course of 5 days.  We are half way through this process and we are ready to get through it!

So thankful for all the prayers and positive thoughts.  We ask that if you have, please continue to do so.  Our hope is that Otto will be home starting the week of the 27th.  We want to be home so that the girls can start their school year off right - a start where everyone is home and life can feel like normal.